Sunday, June 01, 2008

Beg You and Pay You: The Oxymoron

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Breaking News!
The migration has just taken place - after nearly a year!
As stated below: He moves mountains! Believe it !


If you visited my personal web site recently and thought I either abandoned it or have become very lazy about having its content updated you are wrong. What is afoot is a terrible situation with the web host that involves countless domains like mine that can no longer access the web site itself to make changes.

For nearly a year now they have been in the throes of "migration" which very obviously has now become a major disaster for both them and countless numbers of us who have remained loyal trying to ride out the storm of transition.

The obvious question may be why not just change web hosts. The honest answer is the quagmire that others who finally tired of the wait have encountered in attempting to make that switch. Can you spell a n-i-g-h-t-m-a-r-e? Then you have the answer to the issue of change. The cure has more often than not been more painful than the current dilemma. Irrevocable loses of content, domains, and more have been alleged and the anguish is palatable among those caught in this circumstance.

I have been with this particular host for six years and have loved the ease of management for the site. It was perfect for me initially as a novice, seat-of-the-pant grassroots, and guerrilla self-promoter and continued to work well as I grew. I recommended them to anyone who would listen.

I have sought to be logical, patient, and reasonable in all my interactions as I've sought diligently to get my own personal situation resolved. It was excruciating that I was not able to post anything regarding two major art exhibitions that I had occurring and even more painful that I couldn't post newspaper links to information about me, or show new creations or whatever.

I even swallowed my pride and begged on a number of occasions. I really, really don't like to have to beg and pay you too. That goes against my grain, but since I'd already paid for the period of time we were in and I knew any thoughts of a refund were out of the question I just humbled myself and crawled time and time again. But, a couple of days ago, when I saw the charge for the new service period was arbitrarily processed against my credit card early I lost my cool.
I am no longer cool with it, patient, or tolerant. I want it resolved. For me that means praying about it first - telling Jesus on them for real (smile). It is a perhaps surprising confession of faith, but I don't take it lightly at all. He moves mountains for me and I expect Him to move this one.
I'll let you know soon.


Shelia said...

Peggy, I hate to hear you've gone through this. I experienced a week of going back and forth with my new service provider and the owner of my domain name. After having my site down for a few days last week, the issue has been resolved on one hand, but monetarily, we'll see. I'm supposed to receive a credit for my troubles, but we'll see.

Peggy said...

Shelia! Thanks for your comment and would you believe ... a few minutes ago I discovered that they have FINALLY migrated me to the new platform and I can now resume "housekeeping" of my web site!