Friday, June 13, 2008

Your Turn

Copyright Peggy Love - Charcoal

It would be so easy to miss it. In the midst of it, as it whirls around you, virtually consumes you, there is the possibility you may not understand or recognize its appearance or its purpose. It is change and you are dead off in the middle of it. We all are.

There is a reason for all of the upheaval, the climatic changes, the economic shocks, the social and political never ending dramas that keep us on the edge. We became complacent, got socked in and desensitized to even our own internal cries for introspection and renewal. As a result we have allowed our authenticity to implode in quiet little episodes that threaten not just us individually, but everything.

Minus the chaos that has risen up all around us we might not lift up our heads and at least consider what is going on. It is all being shaken so that we might be tumbled out of our apathetic denial that we are who will and who must make a difference.

Wake up and do something! We need you!

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