Thursday, June 04, 2009

"Holding it Together with Band-Aids and Safety Pins"

A new slim volume of poetry entitled Holding it Together with Band-Aids and Safety Pins was released as an eBook today! I'm excited about it. It is a different kind of collection; real, probing, and reflective of those of us who populate this first decade of the twenty-first century. Here's an example:

The Queen of Bags

No one comes downtown on Saturday anymore
but you encompass all it ever was
with your uptown clothes, white gloves,
high heels and perfectly tipped hat.
How you manage to keep every hair
in place may never be known
but we all talk about your impeccable
style, your regal stride
and we wonder why it is your
destiny rests nightly under
the west end of the Chauteau Bridge.

It's about them, it's about us, because we and they are one in the same. Take a peek! You might enjoy. Click here.

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