Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Memory of Michael Jackson

Spun Wax

She took me to Hitsville so we could mourn together
the passage of what was gone forever,
for her a lullaby, for me a sultry slow dance.

We walked through yesteryear barely seeing
the sequined glove used to tilt a Moon Dancing hat,
antiquated microphones in musty little rooms

where I caught slivers of shadows flitting through -
she thought it was them, I knew it was you
taking one last turn on the round.

©2009 Peggy Eldridge-Love

Click here to listen to this poem on Youtube.

(In memory of my sister Hawice and Michael Jackson)


Marcine said...

A sad day throughout the world. God giveth, and taketh away. R.I>P> MJ.

Shelia said...

A beautiful tribute to a legend.

Carla J. Curtis said...

A great and moving tribute to a legend.

Peggy said...

I pray he is at perfect peace!