Sunday, August 02, 2009

Men's Girdles on the Rise for Toning and Support

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Men, it's your turn!

No doubt you heard about them on network news this week, or, like here in my city it's the one of the lead interest stories this weekend. Men's girdles are here, and they are here to stay!

Not only are these cinching garments making you guys look like you want to look they are finally offering some other health and comfort benefits that make a big difference in the quality of any day. This is what the Ardyss CorsyMen does:

Correct your posture and rest your back.

This garment is designed to provide special support to those who are on their feet a lot, experience annoying back aches from being behind the wheel of a vehicle, or do a lot of bending and stooping.


A highly orthopedic garment in nature. Acts with the spine by encouraging proper shoulder back posture and relieves tension in the shoulder and back muscles. Tones the muscles in the abdomen. The elastic bands support and protect the spine making it more resistant to loads and trauma.

The Ardyss Lumbo Men garment brings more specifically targeted support:

Perfect support for back muscles.

It is scientifically designed to protect the spine and provides an effective method for reducing pain.


Designed specifically to prevent and correct annoying pains in the lower back. It protects the spine. The belt compacts the abdomen and improves positioning and shape. The design and method of applying pressure makes the back more resistant to new pain and trauma.

We are all focusing on stronger, healthier bodies and you can learn more about nutrition, personal care, rehaping and even cosmetics by clicking here. You can start toning now, become a memeber of the Ardyss family, or just get more information on both the CorsyMen or the Lumbo.


Cherlyn Michaels said...

hmmm...i wonder how many men who've bought one would confess to owning it...

Peggy said...

Good question!