Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Memories Restored Page By Page

From Essence Magazine - September 1999
I was clearing out some old files to make way for the new and stumbled upon a plethora of magazines, catalogues, and other materials that were from 1999 going into the 2000 new millennium.  Buried in the pages was the thunder of a brand new century at the door, the terror of what might await us, the nostalgia of what we were leaving behind, the desire to try to predict the future, and a sense of American innocence we have since lost.

I remember the dealers at antique malls who offer pages from vintage magazines, old ads and signs and I knew there was a storehouse of valuable memories worthy of keeping in my newly found treasure trove. The "original ad" or the "original article" has significant value for the potential collector, so I spent a good part of my afternoon carefully thumbing though many of them. I was fascinated by so much of what I was revisiting.

From Essence Magazine - September 1999

Enjoy a couple of the intriguing ads I found. If you're a collector look for some of the most intriguing ads, articles, and whole catalogs or magazines on my favorite auction "blocks" soon!

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