Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Make a Love Touchstone

I recently started to make some touchstones for people I care about. Little permanent things, paperweights or desk ornaments or whatever you want to label them, but things that I wanted to be permanent reminders of how much I cared for them or positive little affirmations I wanted to remind them to keep close at hand.

It didn't take long before a few requests started to come in for other touchstones for other people who wanted to give them to people they cared about as well. It has become one of the things I most enjoy doing when time permits, but I thought I'd just share how they are made with you in this post today. Just in case it is something you want to do for someone you care about as well.

This is basically all you need:
  • Mosaic tiles - I use the ones used for kitchen splash boards available at hardware stores in a variety of sizes. I like the lighter colored ones. Usually come in sheets or small boxes and are priced very reasonably. One of the things I love most about making touchstones from these mosaics is their imperfections...corners may be chipped, surfaces may not be entirely smooth, just like us...I like the imperfections.
  • Once removed from their packaging you should dust them off with a dry cloth to remove the chalky residue. Once that is done you are ready to go.
  • Sharpies are my favorite markers to draw my designs or write my messages because they maintain their distinct integrity when the decoupage glue is used to cover it. I will also use stencils for some designs and use markers to outline them or I might use acrylic paints.
  • I use Modge Podge as my decoupage glue of choice currently and once I've drawn or written or painted my design I cover the entire tile with the glue. If I want to add fabric, feathers, acrylic stones, glitter or sequins or anything else interesting I will lay them onto the tile after the first application of glue and then go over it with another layer.
  • As each layer dries you might want to add another and another until you have either the flat or glossy effect you want. Note: There are multiple choices of finishes available with the decoupage glues on the market to choose from.
Allow it to dry completely and your touchstone is ready!

Occasionally, I offer touchstones in my Etsy shop or will do them on a custom basis (click to inquire). I do some using my Nudgies figures and some with specific holiday or event themes. But I've been told they are definite keepers, so if you want someone to remember something special coming from your heart give them a touchstone.


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