Friday, January 10, 2014

Usher in the Sun, Poetry after suicide

It is finally time.


Usher In The Sun, Poetry After Suicide is a collection of poetry that sprang into being after the loss of a close member of the poet's family. Devastated, lost, confused but having to go on with life, this is a venture inside the inner workings of a mind and heart torn apart that is trying to find a place in the world she lives in to return to the changed normal Peggy Eldridge-Love inherited. Perceptions change of everyday life, everyday people, everyday events and, though the offerings might sometimes seem disconnected, they are in fact all inner woven into the fabric of survivor survival.

Eldridge-Love shares that the working title of this collection was Ushering in the Sun, Poetry after Suicide, Written through Distorted Lenses, Chasing after Understanding, Climbing the Ladder back to Hope. It is fitting.

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