Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Blog Tour Writing Process

Welcome to a blog tour where writers and authors answer questions about their writing process. My friend and talented author, Shelia Goss, posted hers last week, where she gives you the insider information on her process and new book-The Joneses — and she tagged me to join the tour. Thanks, Shelia!
My latest book, The Trilogy: A Diary, A Thief  & A Secret, written under my pen name Tess Allen, is available in paperback and digital online everywhere, including, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. It contains three of my most requested novellas: His Wife's Diary (Love Bites), The Jewel Thief (Love Bites), and The View From Suite 2100. Additionally, I’ve recently released a new volume of poetry, Usher in the Sun, Poetry after Suicide. It, too, is available in both digital and paperback at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers. Please also visit my official website at

What am I working on? 
I have several things in motion currently. A romantic suspense novel, My Very Last Nerve, and the first book in a brand new series which will feature a wonderful new character I've created that I am affectionately calling Sister Busy Body. These books will be published under my pen name, Tess Allen. I have another volume of poetry also in the works entitled Born Black and it, like all my poetry, screen or stage plays, will be published as Peggy Eldridge-Love.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I love suspense, mystery and romance and those three elements are present in all of my works of fiction. My main characters are traditionally women whom could easily ‘be you’. Ambitious with visions for themselves, women who have loved and been loved, some have been disappointed, some have been the disappointer, but all are determined to find that place within and without where the life and the love they most want can flourish. Sometimes that involves traveling down paths not only uncertain, but paths that are often nerve wracking and frightening as well.

Why do I write what I do?

Early on the books I most enjoyed were mysteries, historical romance novels and psychological thrillers. When I began to write I wrote in each genre individually but found later that I seemed to hit a special stride when I ventured into the world of romantic suspense. Although I will continue to write in them all, at the moment romantic suspense seems most natural to me.
How does your writing process work?
The characters tend to introduce themselves to me first. It is like a quiet little whisper initially, then a nudge, and if I’m not immediately receptive the nudge will become a push. Once I know the characters and respond to their push I start by doing a synopsis, followed usually by a chapter-by-chapter outline, and then the actual writing begins. 
Since I am a poet, a playwright, screenwriter, and novelist I do from time to time have more than one project in motion at the same time. 

And now it’s my turn to tag some people! I’ve chosen two of my colleagues. Check them out next week to find out their secrets to success…. 

IN THE CHAIR is the name of Ey Wade’s wonderful blog and you can visit it at She is the author of several books including Tripping Prince Charming and Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History.

CAT IN THE BELLY is Tzynya Pinchback’s intriguing blog. You can find it at She is an extraordinary author/poet and you’ll love her latest book How to Make Pink Confetti!


Meredith C. McGee said...

I generally have written non-fiction works. The writing process requires interviewing subjects, reading, and writing.

Meredith C. McGee said...

Peggy you have an impressive collection of works. Go girl!

Black Cape Swimmers said...

Great post! I am fascinated with how writers and artists work. So much of the finished product is the process by which it came to be.

Thank you for sharing and including us in your writing shed and thank you so very much for tagging me. :-)

Peggy said...

Thank you, Meredith! I am always thrilled to see what is happening with you and your appearances. Your book on James Meredith is so relevant.

Peggy said...

Thanks Tzynya! I really hope everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to get to know you and your great talent.

stellbread said...

Peggy, I became familiar with your work nearly 10 years ago, and your efforts have always left an impression. You write with feeling and verve; one read through is all it takes for the reader to know how much you love nnd respect the craft.

Ey Wade said...

Thank you so much for the tag, Peggy. I'm so glad to hear about your new works, I love your writing.
I hope I can make my post as interesting when my time comes around.

Peggy said...

Tim, thank you!

Peggy said...

Ey, there is so much to be learned from you for readers and writers alike. Anyone getting to know you and your art will be rewarded greatly!

Ey Wade said...

Thanks so much for saying that. Keeps me encouraged.