Friday, March 28, 2014

Washcloths and Coffee Cup Cozies

I have always resorted to making things when I'm grappling with various aspects of my life that are challenging. I think it is the need for something tangible, some evidence of my efforts manifest that is the driving force behind that, but, along the way, it has also become very satisfying.

I'm in a creating mode at present; the making things kind of creative mode. I have been all winter and as I approach spring it seems to have gone into a higher gear. I've moved from the heavy yarns needed for infinity scarves, fingerless gloves, muffs and caps to lighter weight fabrics and a somewhat lighter heart as well.

Crochet rather than paint or clay or beads and stone is my medium of the moment. Not particularly artistic crochet as my avant garde spirit might normally reach for, but rather quite practical crochet. Everyday items are what have caught my fancy and keeps me busy when my mind refuses to rest. From washcloths to kitchen trivets, granny square baby blankets to coffee cup cozies and sleeves, it's the crochet needle that has been flying.
It is a somewhat welcome diversion from plots and character development, first, second, third and fourth draft, and all else literary. I'm enjoying it and who knows what my muse has up his or her sleeve. Almost certainly there is a story somewhere hidden in one of these skeins of yarn - one not already told by Ms. Christie's Miss Marple, of course.  Hmm.               Photo Credits: Peggy Love

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