Thursday, November 17, 2005


Some say that if it doesn't kill you and you survive it you are that much stronger because of it. Fortunately, I've lived long enough to think of literally dozens of examples of situations and circumstance that proved that, in the long run, to be true. Today was one of those doses of reality that made me stoop over, grab the top of my boots and pull straight up with all my might. At first it was a little hard - I hadn't wanted to have to stoop, but then, as I pull, I realized that my boots weren't fitting properly as they were, that something inside of them, a stone, a pebble, something had been causing discomfort for a little while. You know if I hadn't even wanted to stoop to pull them UP, I sure didn't want to have to stoop, take them off, shake them out and then put them back on and have to pull them up again, but that's what was required and, much as I may not have felt like it, that's just what I did. Surprisingly, after the struggle, they fit quite well again.Boot 2


Diamond said...


I just luv boots, I have dozens of pairs, I wear long skirts and jeans cause I am tall and I am a student. I have all kinds of shapes, styles and colors. And I know the feelin of having something like a pebble in them, having to take them off when I did not feel like it and oh I hate to stoop, esp in public, I am very, very shy and I prefer to be alone, believe it or not. I am a loner.

This post on boots is humorous.

Diamond said...


I guess I should have signed with pocahontas or sharon because i am not sure you recognize me as georgia peach.


Peggy said...

Thanks a million, Sharon!