Saturday, November 05, 2005

You Beckon - Light's On!

Well, the pace is picking up! Interest in YOU BECKON has had a revival and that's such a pleasant surprise. I think it's going to find its way into a lot of Christmas stockings this year. I would have thought that would have happen during its first holiday season, but it didn't. I couldn't give a book away (Smile) -- but now, finally... it's hot!

I really feel good about that because I sincerely believe that if the person on the receiving end is even marginal regarding poetry they'll enjoy YOU BECKON. At least I hope so! Check out the new promo for it:

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princessdominique said...

Hurray! I love hearing that. As an author I know what a good feeling that is. August/September is a slump for the most part, things always pick up edging closer to the holidays.