Sunday, November 27, 2005

Trey Songz - A Stocking Stuffer

I did an article for my BellaOnline Emerging Music column on Trey Songz shortly before his CD was released. There was just something there in his voice that I felt would definitely serve to separate him from the crowd. It appears it has and I'm certain whatever fanfare he's getting now will swell to a bust real soon.

Recently, when I had occasion to view the video for "Just Gotta Make It", and I saw the how youthful both Trey and the beautful young lady in the video with him were, I didn't immediately realize that they were representing the strong bond of marriage and family. But, as I continued to listen to the words and view the unfolding story, my estimation of Trey's character, and the impact he might well have on his fans, soared. As I say in a follow-up article on Trey which I posted to BellaOnline Emerging Music yesterday, "In a social atmosphere in which irresponsibility is glamorized Trey does just the opposite. This song (Just Gotta Make It) "glamorizes" responsibility and it is absolutely profound!"

You might want to put Trey's new CD in your or someone elses' Christmas Stocking!

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moneesha said...

wow, how was it talking to trey did he seem to really be an intelligent person with a good head on his shoulders?