Friday, December 30, 2005

Catalyst of Change - Not Its Victim

Absolutely no resolutions. I mean it! I will not be making resolutions this New Year. Rather, I will be reassessing my world and its contents, and, where necessary, I will be making changes over the next few days.

I wrote myself a 'get out of jail' card about two months ago. I've flashed it at least two dozen times to avoid doing things I otherwise would be compelled to do. But, tonight, I mentally tore it to shreds. No more excuses. Back to the grind stone, or whatever I must call it, because it is time for me to become productive once again. Time to finish everything that is left on my plate from 2005 -- and that is no small task.

I have a world to create. The world in which my character Cari Pompey resides. I'm in rewrite and I realize that I've tried to put Cari in 'this' world and she doesn't fit. She needs her own world, a world in which she reigns, a world in which everyone else exists because they are perhaps figments of 'her' imagination - not mine. While I might not go to that extreme (note I say might not) at this stage, I do really need to spit and polish it all to a fine sheen before I'm happy.

Within the next three weeks I must deliver another character for sanction or rejection. I really dug her just the way she was. Edit notes after the readers' first read thru suggested that the character was pretty doggone solid, but, there are a few areas that leave gaps that leave questions that are better answered ... you get my drift. I've been trying to get an audience with her, my character that is, especially since we are approaching a deadline, but, well, I'm going to have to force the issue. Maybe I'll approach her with that old "I'm all right, you're all right" line so I can get her off the dime and we can finish putting this project to bed! I've made a commitment to her, though. I've assured her that regardless of where the current project falls (and all indications are it will be very well received) she will see the light of day - one way or 'tother! All I can tell you about her right now though is her name is Rowena. Rowena takes no prisoners and gives no quarters! Truth be told, Rowena has earned my deepest respect!

I won't even go into what else remains. I'll just say June 2006 is far too close. So, no resolutions - just life changes. They just happen to be occurring as the old year ends and the new one begins.


mochasistah said...

Hey, I dig your blog. See, that's why I write poetry. I do have a few novels, but not that much committment to write, rewrite and edit the story, details, or characters. I dig your persistance sis. Maybe I'll get some to re-dig out my characters from my two novels. I also feel you on the resolution tip. I guess I always have goals to complete, so I never call them "resolutions". I just know every year, what I need to do and I limit my goals so I can actually complete them. Anyway, have a beautiful holiday and stop by the musings report if you get a chance! Happy New Year, Mocha Sistah from PWN>

Diamond said...


I feel like Mocha, poetry is less of a commitment, but eventually you character will come. As far as resolutions, just plans and goals for the new year, I agree 100 percent with you. Most resolutions are broken anyway. Peggy, keep progressing, keep the writing spirit!


T.C. Matthews said...

Peggy, I'm feeling your blog. Even more...I'm feeling your "no resolution rule". I too have said I will not be making resolutions, but rather I am just going to commit myself to being the best I can be in 2006. Again, nice job.

Peggy said...

I'm not the only one, huh? Looks like we are resolute not to make those resolutions! Okay, sorry, I just couldn't resist. Happy New Year!