Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lorraine and James

If you write you know that there are few things that parallel the rush you get when you receive a notice from a publisher that starts out with "Congratulations!". Adrenaline starts to pump, your hands might sweat (mine do), and you start wondering who to call or email first to share your good news. My first calls are normally to my brother, Leroy, who is a visual artist and therefore shares so many of my same types of creative roller coaster rides, and my sister, Hawice, who is just the very best friend anyone could ever have - ever. In retrospect, they were the first ones to hear me squeal when I received the congratulatory email from Jasai Madden, Editor-In-Chief of the new literary journal Lorraine and James a few months ago.

I was alone, though, when I received my copy of the maiden issue of Lorraine and James recently. No one heard my squeals but me as I danced around my house with delight, not because my work was included in that issue, it wasn't. It won't appear until the Winter 2006 issue. My dance was a celebration of the beauty of this work; its quality and its reach. It is a magnificent journal of global urban literature and if this is its beginning its future could not be brighter. Congratulations Jasai!


Diamond said...

Congratulations Peggy Love,

Another milestone in the making. I know that you look forward to seeing more of your pubished work.


Stellbread said...


Big ups to you. It's quite a thrill to see in print that first story, article, essay or whatnot that bears fruit. While you won't see yours for a few months, just knowing how hard you worked and that your effort created such a magical moment, is a blessing. Best wishes always and keep that pen a-moving.

Tim (Stellbread)

Peggy said...

Thank you. You are kind.

Yes, that first time I saw something in print was magical. I'll never forget it. Another highlight for me was the first time I went to the library and was able to find my book on the shelf. Crazy, but, I feel that will always be the highlight of it all! Thanks for your comments.