Tuesday, March 07, 2006


What a thrill! I've been getting things done. I'm not normally a list maker, I keep things in my head that need to be taken care of, but as the obligations increase I've become embarrassingly aware that my capacity to stay on top of it all hasn't always kept up. So, I've begun to compromise. I now make a partial written list. The great thing about my quasi-list of things to do is that it triggers the other mental list. Between the two I'm dusting off my hands, folding my arms, and looking like Mr. Clean. The jobs are getting done.

This morning, with a newly clear head, nothing pressing glaring at me, I reached a decision about the direction of a story. It hasn't been lending itself well to becoming a novel, it's much too visual, but the seed of the idea is too strong to abandon. I decided I'm going to approach it as a screenplay. Fortunately, making the switch isn't difficult. Little of it has made its way to paper yet, so I don't have to lament 'all that work' that now needs to be redone. Instead, this switch is potentially exciting. Screenplays unfold themselves much more quickly for me - at least their bare bones do - and I soon have something complete to go back and rework. So, there it is! One more 'to do' for my mental list or ... did I just write it down? Now which list does it belong to? Is it quasi or ...

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MsJayy said...

Wow! From your last few posts, I would say that you're on one heck of a literary roll. I'm excited for you and welcome the chance to add any of your work to my collection. Keep writing. Keep motivating. :O)