Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thespian Monte

Thespian Monte
'Beware my pretty' the aging parrot
Not just rhetoric but
genuine fears
of this interloper
who has come
with his game of Thespian Monte;
clever mind, brilliant sleight of hand
and Satan himself
as his right hand man.

'Beware my pretty'
lest you fall asleep.
He's not friend, but foe,
trust the hairs that creep
up and down your
spine. Listen to them well.
He's the lost
and found
come up from hell.

©Peggy Eldridge-Love 2002 - All Rights Reserved
This is one from the Cafe Cafe incubator from a few years ago. Ever now and again I have to revisit where my head was when. It's probably in the same place now.

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MsJayy said...

"Thespian Monte". What a great concept.