Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 15th Is the Day!

Okay, if you've got your copy of the American Greetings African-American Almanac Desk Top Calendar the 15th of May is dedicated to a poem from my book, YOU BECKON.

I'll admit that I'm somewhat surprised by the poem that was selected for inclusion in the calendar. I gave releases, when asked, for several, but didn't know which (or even if any) had been selected until I actually received my copy of the calendar. I would have thought one of the five or six liners would have been a more likely choice, not only because of length, but because of their themes. But instead, a twenty-three liner was chosen, and it speaks of --

(To be continued!)

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MsJayy said...

Congratulations Peggy! I'm gonna go do the "I Know Her! I know her" dance at my girlfriend's desk - she has the calendar. And if it came from "You Beckon", I know it is delicious!