Monday, May 01, 2006

Plus and Minus Equal Life

My day started out very nice, and it is still nice, but for a little while there I was on the edge of going completely off. Fortunately, a skillful young lady kept her cool and helped me manage to regain mine!

The very nice thing is an interview on me that was conducted by entertainment writer Shelia Goss (she's been getting the really big named interviews here lately) that appears in Bahiyah Woman Magazine. Bahiyah is a New York based publication with a focus on spiritually conscious professional black men and women. It is truly an honor to be featured in this exciting magazine.

Oops! I was about to expound on the downside of the day. Had actually let it all rip, then thought better of it! Who cares but me? I got it resolved. I'll just make the necessary changes I need to in order to insure I don't get stung again. So, hopefully you are reading the edited post and not the original one! LOL


Shelia said...

Peggy, I want the world to know how talented of a writer you are. I can't wait to go to the movies and say, I know her..yes, the writer of that movie you're watching :)

MsJayy said...

Great interview Peggy! You are an awesome writer & I look forward to your next offering. I love your advice to those of us just starting out about being the outlet for our own work. So true!!