Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sensible Shoes

I stumbled upon this old picture of myself from many moons ago and thought immediately about my poem Sensible Shoes. I couldn't resist sharing it. How quickly life flies!

Sensible Shoes

I noticed them poking from beneath
the full, brightly colored caftan I’ve grown
fond of wearing. Toes broad, heels low,
width moving deeper into the alphabet,

they are nothing like what I remember
once graced my shapely feet and ankles.

Time was I could spend hours riding thin
spikes, moving like a shadow on stilettos,
working crowds with easy smiles,
oblivious to what carried me.

I don’t remember consciously shedding
the lean black pumps, or the unheralded
move to these sensible shoes
that now caress what’s left of my toes,

anymore than I remember the first day I noticed
hair thins in the oddest of places first.

©2002 Peggy Eldridge-Love from YOU BECKON


MsJayy said...

I remember that poem - such an honest portrayal of the small things that alert us to the fact that time does flyl LOVE THAT PIC!! What a beauty. And the collar/lapel! Whew! Flashback!!

Shelia said...

Look at're still the same beauty as you were then. Nice poem.

princessdominique said...

Lovely poem Peggy! And that picture is gorgeous!

Shai said...

Dang, Peggy. You look good. No offense, was that all your hair.

Peggy said...

Thanks Ladies! And yes Shai, that is my mop. We have to pull out the old picture album now and then to remember when! Jackie peeked how long ago it really was when she made reference to the collar/lapel!LOL

Diamond said...


How are you? I hope you are well. I love that is special. peggy, you are beautiful, absolutely so! I will be in touch for I want to check out the nudgies...


Stephen Bess said...

This was beautifully honest. The picture is lovely. You look like the brown version of "That Girl." :)

Fashion said...

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