Saturday, March 10, 2007

In Loving Memory

Original Art - 18th & Vine - Leroy W. Allen All Rights Reserved
Leroy W. Allen


MsJayy said...

Beautiful work indeed. Rest in the comfort of your memories & the knowledge that God is ever in control. Just a prayer away....

Brenda Ridgnal said...

The Canvas of his life was even more beautiful than his paintings..

The spirit of his soul will live forever in our hearts!!

Memories Unbroken
Miss Brenda Ridgnal

Shelia said...

Peggy, this picture was a beautiful tribute.

Monie said...

Maybe knowingly or unknowingly he documented his legacy with his art. Try to find peace in it. I hate I don't own one myself but I remember all of them so well. When I think of them I remember how I felt and how I still feel about his works and him - the artist. They were to me - Amazing! And so are you!