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Promoting What You Write

Thought I'd pass this on! Regardless of your status as an author, i.e., traditional, self-published, debut or established, your role as a promoter of your work has taken on great significance. Linda is known as the Guerilla Princess in some circles, and the success of some very noted authors who have taken her course is testament to the effectiveness of what she teaches.

Bestselling Authors Know Promotion Course Now Registering for March 18-24, 2007

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(formerly Guerilla Promote 101) Based on the forthcoming writers resource book of the same name

If You're Going to publish a Book in 2007 You NEED to Learn How to Promote It!!!!

The Popular Online Book Promotion Workshop is now registering for Spring 2007
Make this course your Mid Year Resolution! -- The Life of Your Book Depends on It!

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Former Self-Published--Now Hyperion Author says...

"The information your class offers is platinum!"
-- Cherlyn Michaels, Author of Counting Raindrops through a Stained Glass Window

Register today for this course and find out how SPAM actually DETERS
readers from buying your book and why you should never harvest email addresses and
SPAM potential readers--ever!

Get a HOST of Idea on How to Promote Your BOOK in Various venues for FREE!

Please Note: Your registration is the only way to secure a slot!
Because of the hands on nature of this course class size is limited.

Includes new segment:


Spring 2007 Dates:

March 18-24, 2007 *send in your registration today!* - 3 Slots Left!
May 20-27, 2007 *register today!*

Price Now: Only $125.00! *Note: Regular cost is $250.00! SAVE 50%

Where: Interactive Online Course - requires valid email address.

The course interaction is beneficial for those with limited internet
access as well as those will all the free time in the world to surf
the net and all you have to know how to do is read an email. Lessons
are transmitted daily and there is no set time that the student has to
be online to participate in the course. Just log on to your email
account and the lesson for the day will be waiting for you in your
inbox. Students are encourage to participate in the daily exercises
that will motivate them and make them active promoters. Need to
breathe new life into your book(s)? The Princess of Guerrilla
Promotion will help you do that as well as giving students an
opportunity to ask those burning questions about promoting and
disproving some legendary book myths.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL DISCOUNTED OFFER. Email me @ for details on using To register
via mail please send money order to: 19103 Rose Garden Lane, Durham, NC 27707.
Please specify course month. -- *Remember* Space is Limited for all
course sections!


You DO NOT have to have a book published to benefit from this course...
You WILL benefit from this course even if you have a publicist!
You WILL benefit from this course even if you ARE a publicist!

About the course: Linda Dominique Grosvenor affectionately known as
the "Princess of Guerrilla marketing" will host a special session of
her own online week long workshop on promotion! Got a release pending?
Looking for innovative ways to reach your target audience? Hoping to
avoid the newbie author pitfalls? Too many books are published every
single month to run the risk that your print run of books will become
your new "coffee table". Learn how to move books out of your
livingroom and garage today! Stop stumbling around in the dark with
your book trying to figure it out as you go along--YOU need the
invaluable information contained in this blockbuster course to set you
on the right path to book sales!

The Goals of this course will be to:

Create some HYPE about your book!
Increase the presence of your literary work in bookstores and the NET.
Put you in touch with publications that reviews books.
Get information on getting distributors to stock your title.
Get the attention of radio and television.
Boost your book sales by keying into your target audience!
And more...

Author Testimonials:

"Best Selling Authors Know Promotion taught by Linda Dominique Grosvenor
is an intensive, information packed course which will benefit anyone
who is trying to get a book into someone's hands. I learned so much
about promoting my book -- Ms. Grosvenor took the subject of book
promotion and broke it down so it didn't seem so
-- Michele Rene Matthews, Author of Raymond's Daughters

"The first thing Bestselling Authors Know Promotion did for me was
increase my confidence. Not just about marketing, but everything about
the business of writing and selling books. I knew I had written some
great romances, but I felt like mine were like goldfish in the ocean,
right next to a lot of whales splashing all around me. Bestselling Authors
Know Promotion is a series of simple, easy-to-execute marketing tips that
you have fun doing and give you a thrill because you know that each
step you take brings the visibility of your book higher and higher. My
sales have tripled since I took this course, plus I get new ideas for
marketing and promotion all the time. I highly recommend this course
for authors whose sales are languishing, newly published authors,
about to be published writers, and people who are thinking about
writing a book."
--Donna Conger, author of Forgotten, VetCop, The Green Moon, and The
Last Lesson

"The sky is the limit with certainty now for me and my promotional
endeavors related to my books. This course was intense and explosive,
breaking down doors and upending mental barriers I couldn't see past
until you showed me. I am convinced the number of sales will soon
astound me. 50,000 books sold will be the low end of my initial goal!"
-- Peggy Eldridge-Love Author of You Beckon and The Knoll Frames

"If you need that push or motivation to get your book(s) rolling off
the shelve(s) into the reader's hands, then Bestselling Authors Know
Promotion class given by Linda Dominique Grosvenor is here to rescue
you. From the first day of the course I was hook on marketing and
doing what it takes to get my books circulated among my readers,
"children." Now its your turn to capture your readers. Go for it!"
-- Christine Young-Robinson, Author of Chicken Wing

"This is an excellent workshop. I recommend the Bestselling Authors
Know Promotion workshop for all authors who are ready to take their
sales to the next level. The information gained here was invaluable
and I'm glad I didn't let the opportunity to take the workshop pass me
-- Shelia M. Goss, Essence Bestselling Author of Roses are Thorns,
Violets are True and My Invisible Husband

"Informative! Well-designed! Motivating! While in this class, I gained
some valuable tidbits about the nuts and bolts of book promotion. Ms.
Grosvenor did a stellar job of developing and coaching this
much-needed class. I clearly walked away from this class more
knowledgeable, energized and confident in my abilities to promote my
work. Ms. Grosvenor without a doubt is the Princess of Guerrilla
Marketing in every sense of the word."
-- Carla J. Curtis, Author of Grip the Rope: Prayers for Single Parents

"If you're serious about marketing your work, Bestselling Authors Know
Promotion is a class you don't want to miss. Priceless information,
clearly delivered, and ready for implementation BEFORE the class ends!
It will put you ahead of the game."
--Jackie Young, Author of Love's Reparations

"From this course I have learned that promotion starts the moment you
put pen to paper. If you want to learn how to get your books into
major chain stores, how to sell books from home, and to establish
yourself as an authority in the literary world, you need to take this
--Tamika Johnson, Author of He Loves Me Not, But I Love Myself! and
Meet Me At The Altar


Groups of 4 or more are offered a discount of $99 per person
(must register entire group together to receive this special discount).

Private One-on-One sessions of this course are available for only
$175--and YOU pick the week!

If you have a writers group that you'd like this discount offer to be
extended to please email me for details at:

Limited class size. Email for registration details.

Don't forget to check out these two informative articles/interviews:

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