Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day: Sachet L'Air du Temps

I know, I know, I've shared this before on Mother's Day, but this is for my mother - now more than ever. Her sweet spirit is ever near.

Sachet L'Air du Temps

The scent of her lingers in folds,
creases and closed boxes,
often sweet surprises stumbled upon
on the worst of days

when angry men and crude
women rip, snatch,
and seek to pry loose

my smallest joy.

The aroma, easing forth at first,
a mere suggestion, strengthens
as if steeped in

freshly warmed care. A sweet sachet
impervious to boundaries seen,
relentless in its mission,
and, when it is gone I find

I am completely whole again.

©2000 Peggy Eldridge-Love
From You Beckon

1 comment:

MsJayy said...

What a beautiful piece. Makes me yearn for more. In case you're wondering, yes - that was a not-so-subtle hint. :O)