Sunday, May 06, 2007


It is a good thing that things change. They need to, regardless of how terrifying change and the element of the unknown tends to be. I am altering my routine on numerous different levels, from small little things like what time I shower, to actions that take much more thought and adjustment.

I'm examining my habits, too. The interesting revelation is how many habits I have that I was unaware of. I discover that my mouse has to be in an exact spot before I will click it when I'm using my desktop computer. I note the time when I post an entry into my journal, and though days may pass in between entries, it is almost always the same time within a few (wee hour) minutes of the entry before that I'm jotting out my heart. So, I flipped it. I made an entry first thing in the morning --told myself how I wanted my day to go for a change, rather than telling myself how it went. I'm tired of being so habitual.

And things I cling to. Heck, I want to uncling every where I can. I don't want to allow anything to matter too much. I'm not talking about giving away my possession or all that nonsense, I'm talking about eliminating the unnecessary wherever the unnecessary may be. If I'm having to think about it and it's not productive, it isn't bringing me joy and happiness, it's not helping someone else, and if it is a source of stress or strain, it is time for it to go!

So, it is a season of change for me, time to step away from the comfort zone and into a zone where truth and genuine peace can abide. Change is a good thing.


MsJayy said...

Here Here! I'm with you - especially on the unclinging. I'm letting go too. Liberating isn't it?

Peggy said...

I've just gotta let go - it is surrender time.