Saturday, March 28, 2009

Peggy Reads Peggy

If you click on their title, you can hear me read a few recorded poems from my original collection of poetry, YOU BECKON. I don't read often, but whenever I have (or do) both Dungeon of My Imagination and Rhino Rising normally are extremely well received. I guess that's why I selected those two to share.

And the third, Gossip, happens to be one that I really like. I've been asked what in the world it's about, and for a while I was reluctant to try to explain it, but once I did the "ah" factor was so rewarding I became less reluctant.

So, here's the scoop on Gossip: Traveling across country on a train through the southwest there is an area in which there are these enormous rocks and boulders, the kind that you find wherever there are mountains or vast hills, but in this area, for what seems like a hundred miles there is absolutely NOTHING but flat land ... no place for these rocks and boulders to have come from. So that is what sparked my imagination ... the "where" of the origin of these southwestern rocks. The kind of unexplainable occurrence that might even have caused the constellations to resort to "gossip".

PS: If you want a copy of an autographed copy of YOU BECKON send me an email at or you can always purchase a copy from or Barnes & Nobel online.

PSS: Coming soon: USHER IN THE SUN

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