Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Art of Healing with Yarn

When life becomes challenging ... I mean really, really challenging ... I resort to art as a means of coping. Shortly after Christmas a friend (Carol Kariotis at Kaw Valley Arts & Humanities) introduced me to "loom knitting" and it was the best gift she could have given me. Throughout the next few very stressful months I took the basics that she taught me in that two hour session and began to explore its possibilities with a variety of different yarns, including some extremely interesting ribbon yarn. Once I got the hang of it I started to add my own little twists, turns, and accents. It has been wonderful therapy! Here are some of my creations.
My personal stash of yarns! All Photos: Peggy Eldridge-Love

This is a double knit created on the knitting board. I just played with the stitches I'd read about and this was the end result. I doubt seriously I could duplicate the pattern! The pink bag below was also made on the knitting board.

What you see in the next few photos are a few abbreviated scarfs that I made. These are made on the round loom. I say abbreviated because the first one I was intending to make as a long scarf and my impatience -- my need for more instant gratification -- made me halt in the middle of the process. I wasn't sure what to do with what I had made and then I thought, "hum", and I wrapped it around my neck, found a lovely old rhinestone from my collection of vintage jewelry and was quite pleased.

Note: Okay, yes, if you see something that interests you I will consider making you one. Drop me an email at and let's talk about it. :) Thx for asking TL


MsJayy said...

You never cease to amaze, inspire & challenge me. These are great - I really like those scarves. I didn't realize you had an Etsy page - I most certainly need to check that out.

I find that having another creative outlet besides writing is very helpful too. Now if I could just work my way through my craft supply box. LOL

Peggy said...

Hi MsJayy,
I enjoyed making the scarves a lot. I actually made a couple during long cross-country train rides. That was really soothing.

Start at the top of the craft box and just let that muse go for it. I can't wait to see the results.

Janell Walden said...

You are such an inspiration! I have yarn sitting around and needles (no patterns I like). I've been timid about experimenting, thinking that I don't have time to start and rip and then start again. Maybe that's JUST what I need to do--allow myself permission to just get in the bag and see what happens.

Thanks for sharing and continued best of everything to you!


Peggy said...

Hi Janell!
Some times I create things that are so far from what I started out to make that I'll just put a nail in the wall somewhere and hang it up. Then I call it fiber art and every time I walk past it I enjoy it - and laugh!