Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tweeting Emerging Music and Other Things

Today was eventful on many levels. I felt a sense of special favor on my life throughout the day as one wonderful thing manifest into another, and then another, and yet another. I am too grateful for the wealth of blessings not to acknowledge them.

Something that is on my mind though is that I'm trying to figure out what, if anything, I'll do from here as it relates to music. For the past five years I used the Emerging Music column to give exposure whenever and however I could to raw, beautiful talent and talent that just needed one more little push. I truly loved doing that. But as of the early part of this week I ended my tenure as Editor of Emerging Music at Bellaonline.com.

While I don't want the expectation of a weekly column, which is a requirement at Bellaonline of its Editors, I do want to showcase someone extra special when I see them or they are brought to my attention. So, I think I'll start to "Tweet" about Emerging Music talents for a while. See how that feels and how that works for those artist. The challenge is going to be how to whet appetites in 140 characters or less, but I love a challenge. And I guarantee you, if the talent is there I'm going to make sure the world knows it for certain, regardless of the boundaries!

So, that said, I guess I need to go through my latest CD slush pile. There is bound to be something truly powerful and worthy of a Tweet or two in it! Give me a nudge if you, your management team, or your record company sent something to me recently that you think I ought to be on the look out for! I'm ready to try to make it happen for somebody!

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