Saturday, November 27, 2004

Alternative Direction

I saw the bubbles bursting
and realized they were on the surface
of my consciousness.
I was coming up too fast, cerebral
explosions sending fragments
of approaching reality slamming
against my safe haven of inaction,
showers of red truth causing
internal hemorrhaging from malignant
procrastination, threatening
to leave nothing but a water logged
shell floating on the top.
I thought I was comfortable
scavaging the bottom,
staying out of the way of
the carnivorous,
requiring only minimal
doses of the oxygen of presence
until my tank sprang a leak
and it was life not fear
rushing into my lungs,
and propulsion not drag
governing my direction.
Choice recognized the bubbles too,
choosing to line up in concert
with them on the outside chance
I'd be who reached the surface
once and for all.

©2004 Peggy Eldridge-Love - All Rights Reserved

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