Sunday, November 21, 2004


I know myself and without discipline I'll wind up spending my life posting and reading posts, so I need to strike a balance right from the start. I will definitely try to post here on a daily basis, but I will not dally. That's a promise I make to my characters, my readers, my fans (yeah right) and my family.

The last day or so it has been difficult to get into the flow of it as far as putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), but I've been very productive in the areas of research and structuring and developing. It is interesting what my waking and drifitng off to sleep thoughts have been! I am learning so much just by listening to my inner man who is listening to all these characters and their proponents even when I'm in never, never land.

The sermon from the pulpit this morning was about being consistent and persistent. Very affirming lessons. So with that I will ease out of here so that I can make sure I am persistently doing what I must to complete what I have put my hands to.

Be blessed!

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