Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Antique Mall

Today is my day to work at the antique mall where I maintain a booth. This month I've had an interesting assortment of things move like a fairly largeMason Root Beer sign, a hand beaded blouse from the late-30's to early -40's, a "family scale", vintage hat box, vintage flower pins, cookies jar, a few Fire King items, and such. My main interest is in American pottery from the 20's through the 70's, but I also love bakelite, retro glassware, lamps and furniture, vintage jewelry, and, much, much more. I've only had this booth for about four months, but at least it is paying for its own rent -- one of these days I hope to begin making a profit! That is the objective ultimately.

I went to my Sunday school class this morning and I'm thrilled that I did. Everything was pointing towards me not going, especially my "excuse factory" which goes into overdrive whenever it's time to do something related to the Lord. But today I ignored it!

I'm in an odd place as far as writing is concerned, but I'm keeping my mind locked into it. Doing something towards completing my projects everyday. It is not easy to stay focused lately due to other pressures and demands, but then who is it easy for? Ease, or lack thereof, is not an excuse.

Be blessed today!

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