Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Emerging Music Host

Okay, so yes, I'm back. I'm hosting the Emerging Music site on BellaOnline.com again and I'm really glad to be there. I took a six month breather, but I missed it desperately. Music is that other part of my being that makes my tick tock. Music, the business end of it, was my career early on, as many of you know. Being a manager for one artist's production company, and then being personal manager for several other artist and groups was everything in any given day from sheer exhilaration to the brink of madness -- but boy did it make life memorable!

I think that's what I dig so much about hosting the emerging music site -- it's an opportunity to help give some new, deserving, gifted, talented, profound artist or artists some worldwide exposure. Sometimes that's all any of us needs to be able to take straight off.

So, check out Emerging Music! My first two offerings upon returning are of Trey Songz (I also posted it here on the blog) and The Swear, an alternative rock group. Our scope is broad, our reach is long, and we love making dreams come true!

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Shelia said...

I look forward to reading about the emerging artists.